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Ford Dyke, Ph.D. Founder and CEO of perfor[Hu]mance.®

Speaker | Kinesiologist | Consultant 


As Associate Clinical Professor with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Kinesiology, Dr. Dyke specializes in the subdiscipline of Performance and Exercise Psychophysiology at Auburn University. He professes that optimal performance is dependent upon the integration of health and well-being.


Dr. Dyke collaborates globally with an array of high-profile performers such as elite athletes at the international level, corporate executives, and special operations military personnel. His focus is the edification of such individuals on the interdependence of optimal performance, health, and well-being through Private Consultations, Live Webinars, and Invited Seminars.


Mindfulness-Based Performance and Health Optimization© is an educational platform developed from Dr. Dyke’s curriculum at Auburn University. Since its inception, he has reached over 3,500 individuals, impacting local, regional, national, and international organizations. The platform integrates components of both his academic research focus and career as a Team USA Athlete with the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee. 

His knowledge and experience have led to the creation of perfor[Hu]mance.®The evidence-based approach to optimal performance, health, and well-being


As a native of the seaside community of Jupiter Beach, Florida, he remains mindful of the soil of the land, an ocean breeze, and waves breaking on the sand. 

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.


Ford Dyke, Ph.D. Ford Dyke, Ph.D. perfor[Hu]mance.® preFORM: Prepare to Perform.
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. The Self-Regulation Station
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Ford Dyke, Ph.D. Founder and CEO of perfor[Hu]mance.®