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Be Human.

w/ Dr. Ford Dyke

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Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be Human.™

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.

Professor | Speaker | Coach | Consultant



Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Team USA Athlete

Human Performance Optimization 

subject-matter expert Dr. Ford Dyke delivers his innovation through Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, Consultations, Podcasts, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


Dr. Dyke collaborates globally with high-level performers such as corporate executives, elite athletes, physicians, first responders, and military personnel. His methodology integrates components of his Professorship, 7-year career as a Team USA Athlete, and experience as a Performance Coach for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.


Dr. Dyke's education, professional experience, and personal journey led to the creation of perfor[Hu]mance.® | A multidimensional space for The Human Experience.

As a native of the seaside community of Jupiter Beach, Florida, he remains mindful of an ocean breeze and waves breaking on the sand. 


Human Performance Optimization is the process of leveraging data-driven evidence, subject-matter expertise, and innovation to calibrate, elevate, and sustain The Human Experience.


Dr. Dyke provides evidence-based solutions for high-achieving professionals to optimize their performance, health, and wellness. His mission is to identify, customize, and implement a solution for you and your 6-degrees of separation.


Dr. Dyke strategically collaborates with organizations that align with his mission to provide a solution for you and your 6-degrees of separation. All of his partners operate within the realm of human performance, health, and wellness.

The intention is to ensure that his clients have access to the highest quality products, backed by science, and designed to support their individual goals, needs, and requirements. 

Schedule a Virtual Coffee w/ Dr. Dyke to learn more! 

Dr. Ford Dyke | Thorne
Dr. Ford Dyke | Vivobarefoot
Dr. Ford Dyke | Hydro Flask
Dr. Ford Dyke | Vital AI
Dr. Ford Dyke | Prana
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be [Hu]man.™
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Thorne Dispensary

Dr. Ford Dyke partners with Thorne, the leading name in premium performance, health, and wellness supplements. Dr. Dyke offers his clients scientifically-backed products designed to optimize their performance, health, and wellness.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Vivobarefoot

Did you know? The modern human is the result of more than 6,500 generations of hunter-gatherers, 350+ generations of farmers, 7 generations of industrialized urban residents, and only 4 generations of sedentary (present day) citizens. 


Contemporary footwear limits your innate abilities. Thick soles impede flexibility, narrow toe boxes hinder movement, and excessive cushioning may weaken the muscles of your feet over time. This can lead to muscle atrophy and a decrease in overall foot health, strength, and stability.

Dr. Ford Dyke partners with Vivobarefoot to liberate his clients' feet, allowing them to function as nature intended.

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Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be [Hu]man.™



Dr. Ford Dyke leverages Vital to support his clients' performance, health, and wellness. Vital generates unlimited, personalized guided meditations to help you through life’s toughest challenges, and beyond! 

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Dr. Ford Dyke partners with Hydro Flask to maintain optimal levels of hydration and encourage his clients to stay properly hydrated throughout their journey.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Prana

Dr. Ford Dyke partners with prAna to blur the lines between his travel, work, and play.


Sustainability has been ingrained in the essence of prAna since its inception. Discover how prAna creates clothing in a responsible and ethical way.



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