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Be Human.

w/ Dr. Ford Dyke

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Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be Human.™

Ford Dyke, Ph.D.

Professor | Speaker | Consultant



Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Team USA Athlete

Human Performance Optimization 

subject-matter expert Dr. Ford Dyke delivers his innovation through Keynotes, Workshops, Webinars, Seminars, Consultations, Podcasts, & Artificial Intelligence (AI). 


Dr. Dyke collaborates globally with high-level performers such as corporate executives, elite athletes, physicians, first responders, & military personnel. His methodology integrates components of his Professorship, 7-year career as a Team USA Athlete, & experience as a Performance Coach for the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.


Dr. Dyke's education, professional experience, & personal journey led to the creation of perfor[Hu]mance.® | A multidimensional space for The Human Experience.

As a native of the seaside community of Jupiter Beach, Florida, he remains mindful of an ocean breeze & waves breaking on the sand. 

As a Human, You're a Performer.

Human Performance Optimization is the process of leveraging data-driven evidence, subject-matter expertise, & innovation to calibrate, elevate, & sustain The Human Experience.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be [Hu]man.™
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Thorne Dispensary

Dr. Dyke partners with Thorne, the leading name in premium performance, health & wellness supplements. The collaboration ensures that his clients receive the highest quality products, backed by science, and tailored to support their individual needs & requirements. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Discover the world's first AI-Powered Performance Coach. Dr. Dyke leverages Vital - Your AI Mindset Coach to support his clients' performance, health, & wellness.

Ford Dyke, Ph.D. _ Vital AI
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | The world's first AI-Powered Performance Coach
Ford Dyke, Ph.D. | Be [Hu]man.™


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